10 Best Christmas Jumpers for Older Kids

It’s that time of year again when the Christmas jumpers come out. Whether your kids wear them for Christmas jumper day at school, to decorate the tree or to wear on Christmas day around the house.

There is definitely an age where our kids start to refuse to wear clothes that we as parents think they look super cute in, especially boys so it massively helps when companies come up with the genius idea to merge together older kids favourite things and Christmas jumpers. Like the ones I’m about to show you in my list below.

As the world has currently gone a little crazy right now, I have made sure to include some from Amazon as well for people that are struggling to get out of the house due to covid, hope this helps.

So here is a quick list of the best Christmas jumpers for older kids right now and where to buy them.

1. Xbox Green Fairisle Knitted Christmas Jumper – from George at Asda. This is the one my son has and he absolutely loves it.

2. Friends TV Show Black Cropped Christmas Sweatshirt – from George at Asda. Anyone that is a Friends fan will appreciate this one.

3. Dabbin Christmas Jumper – from Amazon. This one is brilliant and is more long tshirt style for kids that dont like the heavy jumpers.

4. PlayStation Navy Fairisle Knitted Christmas Jumper – from George at Asda. Another brilliant one for any Play Station mad kid.

5. Christmas Present Jumper by Tu – from Sainsbury’s. Perfect jumper for girls that prefer cute over characters.

6. Pokemon Christmas Jumper– from Amazon. Perfect for any Pokemon fan.

7. Stormtrooper Christmas Jumper – For all Star Wars fans.

8. Bambi Novelty Jumper – from Amazon. Any Disney fan will love this jumper.

9. Nightmare Before Christmas – from Amazon. If your kid love the film, then they will love this jumper as well.

10. Unisex Christmas Jumper – from Amazon. Perfect jumper for girls or boys that love to floss.

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