Best Gifts For Under £20 At Amazon

Christmas feel’s a little different this year. My 2020 Christmas shopping has definitely been different, there’s been no Christmas shopping trips into London with stopping into a few pubs throughout the day and finishing with a huge dinner in China Town.

Instead it’s been queuing outside in the cold or ordering online. So if you still have a few last minute bits to grab and would prefer to do that from the comfort of your sofa then this list is for you.

Happy shopping

YMing Scented Candles are beautiful at only £14.99

New Drinking Roulette Party Set Shot Game £8.95

Retro Sweets Gift Box £12.95

The Flying Scotch Dram £12.00

Pukka Tea Gift Set £12.99

Jar of Smiles £12.99 (I love this idea)

Gaming Pyjamas £14.99

Parker Pen Set £12.99

Gumball Vending Machine £9.99

7 Heaven Tin of Treats £12.99

Long Garden Glove for Women £12.99

Dino Pull Back Cars £15.99

Self Stirring Mug £9.99

Retro Handheld Games Console with 400 Games £17.97

Hair Chalk Pens – Non Toxic £13.99

Funny Christmas Mug £6.99

Naughty or Nice Bathbombs now £14.00

Only Fools and Horses Mug & Socks Set £9.99

Fortnite Hoodie – £19.99

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year!

10 Best Christmas Jumpers for Older Kids

It’s that time of year again when the Christmas jumpers come out. Whether your kids wear them for Christmas jumper day at school, to decorate the tree or to wear on Christmas day around the house.

There is definitely an age where our kids start to refuse to wear clothes that we as parents think they look super cute in, especially boys so it massively helps when companies come up with the genius idea to merge together older kids favourite things and Christmas jumpers. Like the ones I’m about to show you in my list below.

As the world has currently gone a little crazy right now, I have made sure to include some from Amazon as well for people that are struggling to get out of the house due to covid, hope this helps.

So here is a quick list of the best Christmas jumpers for older kids right now and where to buy them.

1. Xbox Green Fairisle Knitted Christmas Jumper – from George at Asda. This is the one my son has and he absolutely loves it.

2. Friends TV Show Black Cropped Christmas Sweatshirt – from George at Asda. Anyone that is a Friends fan will appreciate this one.

3. Dabbin Christmas Jumper – from Amazon. This one is brilliant and is more long tshirt style for kids that dont like the heavy jumpers.

4. PlayStation Navy Fairisle Knitted Christmas Jumper – from George at Asda. Another brilliant one for any Play Station mad kid.

5. Christmas Present Jumper by Tu – from Sainsbury’s. Perfect jumper for girls that prefer cute over characters.

6. Pokemon Christmas Jumper– from Amazon. Perfect for any Pokemon fan.

7. Stormtrooper Christmas Jumper – For all Star Wars fans.

8. Bambi Novelty Jumper – from Amazon. Any Disney fan will love this jumper.

9. Nightmare Before Christmas – from Amazon. If your kid love the film, then they will love this jumper as well.

10. Unisex Christmas Jumper – from Amazon. Perfect jumper for girls or boys that love to floss.

Top Tips For Home Gel Nails That Last

Now if there’s one thing that many of us women hate about lockdown, it’s having unpolished nails. I literally can’t bare how my nails look without gel polish on, I know its hardly a third world problem but its definitely something that makes me feel a bit crap, some people its their hair or their eyebrows; but for me its definitely my nails. Luckily for me I’m a qualified beauty therapist as well, so when I find the motivation I can sort them all out.

So if you haven’t already brought yourself a D.I.Y gel nail kit, this LED one is great and so is this slightly cheaper UV gel model that you add your own colours too. LED is around two times quicker than the UV lamp so it depends on what you want. When you purchase a lamp, if its not one of the recommended make sure you buy one that is enclosed at the end, otherwise your nails won’t last as long with the open end lamps.

So here we go, the top tips for home gel nails are:

1. Pushing back and removing the overgrown cuticles is the first thing you need to do, using a cuticle pusher. A good one will have a knife on the end and should only set you back a few pounds. This will help stop the gel from lifting, so make sure you do this step but be very careful.

2. Buffing the nails with a gentle nail block will ensure that most of the oil is removed from the nail, giving it a fresh base to apply the base coat too. This is also a good time to file the nail into the shape that you want. Make sure you use a brush to remove any dust left behind and then a prep solution to get your nails ready.

3. Before applying the base coat use a nail prep dehydrator, most kits don’t include this but it makes a huge difference to how long your nails will last. Simply apply a thin layer on and it dries within a few seconds, no need for the lamp at this phase.

4. Next apply the base coat very thinly but make sure not to touch the cuticle or the side of the nail, if you do this accidentally then use either the knife on your cuticle pusher or a cocktail stick to remove this before putting into the nail lamp, the base coat only needs to go in the lamp for about 20 seconds in an LED and 40 seconds in a UV lamp. After dry brush over the base with a clean nail brush.

5. Apply 2-3 coats of the gel colour that you want depending on the shade, reds generally cover after two coats where as pinks, purples and black can take around three coats. Make sure you apply thin layers to avoid the gel polish from lifting and remember to avoid the outside of the nail and the cuticles. Use your lamp between each layer of colour and make sure that you cover the end of each nail as this tend to dry and shrink the quickest.

6. Apply your top coat making sure you cover all of the colour gel on the nail including the very tip of the nail. After the nails are finished in the lamp, wipe over with the nail prep using a lint free wipe.

7. Finish with cuticle oil to make your nail’s strong. To keep them lasting even longer and your nails growing stronger use cuticle oil both morning and night and see the change in your nail over the next month or so.

8. When removing the gel polish gently file over the polish first. Using gel remover, cotton pads and tin foil – pour some gel remover onto a piece of cotton pad and place over the nail, wrap in foil and leave on for 20-30 minutes. When removing from the nail use your cuticle pusher. Finish either with cutcile oil or start again and treat yourself to a fresh set of nails.

Extra tips:

  • Everytime you need to clean your hands, choose soap over hand steriliser if you possibly can.
  • Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning
  • Try not to bite your nails.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Here’s to beautiful nails from the comfort of your own home.

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20 Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Kids

I have been waiting soooooo long to share this list! I love Christmas so much! Probably too much, but while my kids are at an age where they enjoy it and don’t grunt at me yet, I’m going to make the most of it.

So here is my list of the 20 best Christmas movies to watch with your kids over Christmas.

  1. Elf – My daughter and I love this film, always the first film to get watched and always the film I wrap my presents to as well.

2. Miracle on 34th Street (1994) – Little six year old Susan discovered that dreams really do even after being told the “secret” about Santa.

3. Arthur Christmas – Santa’s goofy but good-hearted son Arthur sets out to deliver a forgotten present.

4. The Muppets Christmas Carol – A story about Scrooge told by the Muppets, it’s brilliant and another classic.

5. Nativity 1, 2, 3 & Rocks – Based in a school the films focus around doing nativity concerts and competitions. Definitely one for all the family.

6. Home alone 1, 2 & 3 – You can’t beat Home Alone 1, absolute classic.

7. The Christmas Chronicles – In this newer film from Netflix, two siblings join an unorthodox Father Christmas for an unforgettable Christmas Eve arriving home just in time to keep their secret.

8. The Grinch – He hates Christmas and goes out of his way to ruin it, only to feel bad about it in the end.

9. Disneys, A Christmas Carol – In this 2009 rendition, Scrooge played by the brilliant Jim Carrey, hilariously learns the meaning of Christmas thanks to a visit from three ghosts.

10. The Polar Express – In this film we are reminded that seeing isn’t always believing.

11. The Snowman – A family classic that will pass from generation to generation.

12. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Is it a Christmas film or a Halloween film? Who cares, it made it onto both of my lists this year.

13. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure – Another Disney film to bring magic to the little ones.

14. Jingle All The Way (1996) – A story of a hard working man that repeatedly lets his son down, promises he will get him a Turbo Man for Christmas but it’s not as easy as he thinks.

15. The Santa Clause (1994) – A story of a dad who becomes the real Father Christmas but must keep it a secret from his family.

16. Jack Frost (1998) – A dad that never keeps his promises unfortunately ends of dying in a car accident, only to come back as a snowman for one last chance not to let his son down.

17. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) – In the newest version of The Nutcracker,  this story follows Clara as she tries to defend the Land of Sweets from the evil Mother Ginger in a magical world.

18. Ernest Saves Christmas (1988) – It’s a Christmas emergency: Father Christmas needs help and to find the future Father Christmas and the accident-prone Ernest seems to be his only hope.

19. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) – When Charlie Brown and his friends try and get Christmas back to the real meaning of Christmas instead of the commercial version. A lovely story to teach children the true meaning of Christmas.

20. Klaus (2019) – A lovely story of when two kind hearted souls end a long stand feud and get the presents delivered for Christmas.

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12 Simple Things You Can Do To Practice Self-Care

Have you been feeling stressed lately? You feel like there’s not enough hours in the day? Strangely enough if you slow down and take some time out, you actually feel much better, both mentally and physically, which will make you more productive in the long run and leave you feeling less burnt out.

Taking time for you is the biggest gift you can give yourself for your mental wellbeing, as well as your physical health. Too much stress and rushing around brings Anxiety, lack of sleep and more headaches than anyone ever needs. So take 5 minutes, have a read of my list and see if you can pick one or two things to make positive change to your life.

If your favourite is not on the list, feel free to leave a comment and let me know, you may just help someone else.

  1. Listen to Music – Put on your favourite music and let yourself either dance or relax, whatever works for you. Scientists say music can have mood-boosting effects, just make sure its not music that makes you sad. Happy dancing!
  2. Read a book – Reading is the perfect escape from everyday life. Before you know it hours have past and your ready to either sleep or carry on with your day.
  3. Go for a walk – This is my go to when I’m struggling. Feeling stressed = go for a walk. Kids are being annoying = go for a walk. Want to think in peace = go for a walk. Walking really helps so much to clear our heads and helps our hearts too.
  4. Exercise – There are so many benefits to exercise across lots of areas of self-care from mental health to weight management and many more.
  5. Take a bath – I personally like to start every day with a shower to wake me up and end with a bath to unwind, ideally when the kids are in bed. Looking after my skin in the shower and bath is definitely a priority, so I make sure I always use my dry body brush ( before I get in the shower or bath, this has massively improved my legs and butt and then my shower brush to wash my back too ( both under £7 – bargain! I always then use a bath bomb or oil from Lush or Portside Soap Company to add a little bit of luxury.
  6. Watch a funny film – Nothing makes you feel better than laughing. If you can laugh especially before you go to sleep then your most definitely wake up much more positive in the morning. Give it a try.
  7. Face Masks – There is so many out there now and they don’t need to be expensive, amazon do a great range if your currently stuck in and can’t get to the shop. Boots is also a good place to pick up a good selection from a range of different prices. If your new to face masks, I suggest giving these ones ago, effective and an absolute bargain!
  8. Look through old photos – Get out your box of old photos and look through them to remind yourself of happy times or if you haven’t got one and only have your photos on old phones and usb’s now is the time to get them printed. There’s so many sites like free prints that post directly to your door, so get printing and store them in an old box to pull them out then you need them.
  9. Limit Screen Time – This one is a hard one, I know! I send most of my life online, researching, writing, blogging and generally just flicking through Facebook and Instagram with the odd bit of Tik Tok and Twitter, that’s before I add in my hours of amazon shopping, Netflix, coronation street and whatever crime documentary is on the TV. However I think it is clear to see after reading article upon article of how too much screen time and social media is affecting our mental health it is good to take a break and have a time out.
  10. Fresh Bedding – One of my favourite things in the world! Guaranteed whatever weekday I change my bed sheets is the day I go to bed super early, currently its a Tuesday as the Great British Bake Off is on, so 8pm sounds good to me.
  11. Laugh – Do whatever makes you laugh. I know we have covered laughing already before with films but it doesn’t have to be films, it really can be whatever makes you laugh. That one friend that can make you belly laugh like no other, just doing anything however stupid to lift your mood.
  12. Yoga – Yoga is amazing for your mental health. Not only does it shape your body and strengthen your core, it also clears your mind and helps you focus. Yoga even for 10 minutes first thing in the morning can change your whole day. Maybe try and set yourself a challenge for a month and see how you feel at the end of it.

So that is my suggestion of 12 simple things you can do to practice self-care. I hope you found something useful here, if you have any tips you can share please feel free to leave some comments and share this post with others.

Take care.

20 Movies To Watch With Your Kids This Halloween

I love October, this is the time of year when I start to get excited and look forward to the rest of the year. I swear I should have grown up in the USA as I love Halloween nearly as much as Christmas (yes I dropped the C bomb). Here in the UK we don’t tend to celebrate Halloween like the Americans do; but I really think we should, the nights are getting darker which obviously means if the kids are being annoying you can pretend its later than it is – not just me that does this right?

I love the bright colours of the leaves, the excuse to pull out the big fluffy blankets and the long walks I take my kids out on, which after the initial moaning they actually really enjoy.

So here are my favourite kid friendly halloween films – enjoy 🙂

Hocus Pocus – this surely has to be most peoples favourite already, classic!

Casper – the friendliest ghost ever to make it to a film, I loved this as a child and I still love the film now.

Hotel Transylvania 1, 2 & 3 – My two kids love these films and they never get old.

Coco – Another great halloween film. He dreams of becoming a star even though his family has an old generation ban on music.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – a mixture of Halloween and Christmas all rolled into one, what’s not to love!

Nanny Mc Phee (both) – a great story of a nanny that turns up out of nowhere, when children are little out of control. Perfect family film. (I also watch these without my kids lol)

Matilda – An old one but one of the bests. Matilda comes from a nightmare family that don’t appreciate her, over time she develops some magical skills and finds happiness.

Labrinth – Ive put this one in their as I loved it as a child, but I think my kids would be scared of it. If you haven’t seen the little goblin film, it’s a must watch.

The Witches – This film comes from the classic Roald Dahl books. Can be a little scary for the younger kids, but who doesn’t love a bit of witchyness (if that’s even a word). The new one is meant to be out soon.

Monsters Inc & Monster University – Another classic from Disney. Monsters that work to scare little kids and collect the screams for energy, that’s until they fall in love with one of the kids. Great film.

The Worst Witch – A great little witchy film where the kids attend a witch school but unfortunately for one of the girls, she can’t seem to get anything right.

Frankenweeine – One for the younger kids full of cute little monsters.

The Haunt Mansion – Another one from Disney. Where a workaholic buys a haunted mansion, Eddie Murphy is in it so it’s obviously funny.

The Addams Family – suitable for all the family. its worth a watch but not really a film you would put on over and over. My son liked it but my daughter found it boring.

Big Foot – Another oldie but one we should make all our kids watch. He’s not scary but his big and hairy so that’s good enough.

Monster House – I loved this film probably more than I should. Great watch with the kids on a rainy day.

Gremlins – A classic film, you can’t beat the first one. Although I’d probably keep this one for the younger kids.

Goosebumps – I haven’t watched these films personally but my son seems to like them. I remember reading the books which I loved as a child.

Ghostbusters – Definitely the older films, not loving the newer one but that’s may personal take on them. I can still watch the originals over and over again.

Harry Potter – I don’t think this needs any type of introduction as they are everywhere. The films definitely get scarier as they go on, so probably a little caution needed with the little ones.

I hope you have found a few on this list that you haven’t seen before and enjoy watching them snuggled up with hot chocolate and a thick fluffy blanket.

Let me know in the comments your favs too.

Stay safe

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Mask Anxiety – It’s Real

I’m sitting at home right now when really I should be out getting our shopping like I normally would on a Wednesday morning. Instead I have spent over an hour sitting here staring into nothing, with anxiety ripping through my body at the thought of going out. Surely this isn’t right? Why does this keep happening to me?

I’ve had anxiety at different stages of my life like many people have, it just didn’t seem to fully leave me after post natal depression with my second child. It has definitely been a lot calmer in the past than it is now; as right now this has got to be the worst I’ve ever experienced it.

People close to me, that really know me have asked if it is the virus that’s causing so much panic and stress throughout my body, but the simple answer is no.

It’s not the virus it’s self, it’s the constant fear of having to explain myself over and over to people that I am exempt, wondering how much information they’re going to try and get out of me and, in front of how many people. It’s also the comments that people say loud enough for you to hear, but not directly to you. It’s the man working in B&Q that told my children that mummy should be wearing a mask instead of speaking directly to me, now that one really pissed me off. After ranting at him in anger, I hope that he now educates myself and keeps his ridiculous comments to himself. It’s the dirty looks. It’s the worry that instead of me saying “do you have a problem?” to people or ignoring them, that I might possibly react in a different way.

There’s that flight or fight reaction in everyone, my anxiety is trying to get me to run away but my natural instincts are always to fight. Maybe that’s why my anxiety is so bad, as my whole body is confused on what to do. I have always stood my ground, but this constant uncertainty and change is affecting people in many different ways, ways that people have never experienced before.

Anxiety isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Some people will wear a mask and happily accept that others cannot. Some will wear a mask and think that everyone not wearing one is selfish arsehole. Some people will not wear one, because they do not believe it will help or simply choose not to.

I know that so many people walking around covering their faces also has affects on people, especially the elderly. We have always been taught to be curious of people covering their face but now we are all told to do so.

Please remember with suicide rates increasing and anxiety at an all time high, just be kind. If someone walks past you without a mask and your wearing one, just walk on by. We never know what people are already dealing with.

If you are suffering with anxiety at the moment, just remember you are not alone. Please reach out to somebody and get any support you can.

I wish everyone the best possible rest of the year that you can have. I hope your jobs and businesses are safe, I hope both you and your loved ones are safe and I really wish everyone the best for 2021, let’s be honest it can’t be much worse.

After All, Tomorrow Is Another Day

This post is going to be a quick and strange one as I don’t really know what I want to say, or even why I’m sitting here typing it, so bare with me.

Today is Wednesday and my anxiety is feeling out of control, the kids have been back at school now for four days and some kind of grey cloud has come over me and I don’t know why? I’ve been waiting for the day that they can go back to school, to socialise, to learn and mainly to show them that the world isn’t actually falling apart like the media is trying to show us. Yes we have to be more careful; but we do not have to live in fear every single day.

Today’s children seem to have more anxiety and depression then children of any other generation even before Covid-19, but what’s causing it? Is it really social media and computer games? Is it too much TV? Is it that more and more parents have to work and kids are rushed from one place to another without time to just be? Is it because many children are unable to play outside like generations before did? I really don’t know.

What I do know is that today I miss my children being home with me, asking me a question every five minutes, only needing the toilet when I’m already on there and refusing to get dressed in anything other than a onesie. I miss eating lunch with them, cuddling them while watching some shit Australian gymnastics programme and honestly; I think I miss the excuse not to be able to study.

Ive tried really hard today to try and do some work but I keep finding myself daydreaming and worrying about my daughter. Is she ok now? Have the tears from this morning changed to laughing with her friends?Will she try and pretend she’s ill every single day? I really hope not, I hope the day goes fast for her and she comes out with the biggest smile on her face.

So instead of being annoyed with myself for wasting a day today, I’m going to draw a line under it and say tomorrow is another day. I’m going to try and be more gentle with myself and I’m going to dig out my EFT handbook and tap myself back to calmness.

I hope you are all having a beautiful day, but if not don’t worry, tomorrow is another day.

Stay safe

25 Thing All Teenagers of the 90’s Will Remember

1. White Lightning, Mad Dog 20/20 and 10 B&H. Classic requirements of the 90’s teenager.

2. Waiting the whole week for Sunday’s top 10, to make a mixtape while trying not to get the radio hosts voice on it. 

3. Sun-in. A spray that you put in your hair and sit in the sun. It promises to turn your hair to a beautiful golden blonde, when in fact; you look like your nan’s tabby ginger cat in random patches.

4. Sweatshirts with checkered shirts underneath. Because let’s face it, we all liked to dress the same as the boys. 

5. Writing I.D.S.T after everything you meant totally from your heart, so no one could ever destroy it.

6. Oasis were the absolute gods. If you weren’t listening to Oasis; what the f*ck were you listening to?

7. See through inflatable bags! Bright pink, blue or purple. Which then annoyed the hell out of you because; where were you meant to hide your B&H??

8. A backwards flat cap that said Dream or Love on it. Because obviously you were super cool if you had one.

9. Using a throw away camera and then having to wait a week to find out that 23 out of the 24 pictures were absolute shit.

10. Kickers platform shoes in black or tan, were you even a teenager in the 90’s if you didn’t have a pair!

11. Having the same mobile phone as everyone else; that you couldn’t even text on when they first came out but you could play snake for a week on the same battery.

12. Having the Body Shop Musk perfume oil on EVERYDAY, no matter what!

13. Who loves Orange Soda?? Keenan and Kel, the funniest programme ever!

14. Sitting down with your family to watch Friends, because actually your parents can have a sense of humour and they weren’t trying to ruin your life! Shocker!

15. The thinnest eyebrows EVER! Thank god someone sorted that out.

16. Desperately wanting a pager (before mobiles), but then realising your Mum can track you down wherever you are; so decide against asking for one for Christmas.

17. Brown coloured lipstick, that you also use on your eyelids, because; well you have to match.

18. Watching Clueless 475790435 times, because it was the best film ever!!

19. Blockbusters. Where you spent hours in the shop picking two videos that four of you had to agree on. Yawn!!!

20. Listening to a mixture of RnB, Spice girls, Alanis Morissette and Oasis to get you through life. 

21.  You and all your friends telling your parents that you’re sleeping at each other’s houses, when really you’re drunk and freezing in a field all night trying not to die of alcohol poisoning.

22. Running until you are absolutely about to die, as that bleep test in P.E isn’t going to beat you!

23.  Going to the local Nightclub that you know allows in underage people, while wearing a long dress with a side split up the leg.

24. Looking after your bestie who got so paralytic they had to get their stomach pumped. And them waking up blaming you to their mum, even though you tried to get them to stop drinking.

25. Truly believing that your boyfriend is more important than your school work; because obviously you’re going to be together forever, I.D.S.T.

Mum Guilt and Why its Natural

Mum guilt, let’s admit it, we have all felt this at some point. Whether your child is six months old or sixteen years old, we all feel it in some way or another with many of us experiencing it more than once a day.

I’ve felt it from pregnancy through to now; when mine are now seven and nine years old. Sometimes I laugh at how pathetic I feel about worrying and feeling guilty about absolutely EVERYTHING and other times I cry. Honestly; I cry more than laugh about it. Then of course not forgetting the times that I do both at the same time, and let me tell you, that is not a pretty sight!

I gained so much weight in both my pregnancies through a mixture of needing steroids and, well let’s be honest, eating way too much! I would tell myself ‘it’ll be fine, I’ll just walk it off after the birth’. After my first born this is exactly what I did, but after my second child, not a chance.

No amount of preparation could have made me ready for the difference between having one child to two, especially not the amount of people at work with their unhelpful comments telling me how hard it will be having two children so close together. Comments like “don’t you have a tv?” and “you won’t lose the weight this time”. Little did they know that I needed a good fertility boost to get pregnant along with steroids and a long list of medication to be able to even carry my babies to term. How years of heartache had finally led me to this path and their comments weren’t funny or helpful, just really bloody annoying.

The guilt I felt to my first born hit me so hard. I just assumed that while, yes, I had a difficult conception, pregnancy and labour, what I did have is a chilled out, happy baby. I thought I’d still have plenty of time to cook fresh healthy meals and play nearly the same amount. How wrong was I? My second was not like my first.

That little sleep terrorist would not sleep for more than an hour at a time and would feed every hour for an hour until I eventually swapped her to bottle at my nurses request. She would not even go in a pram, as she hated laying down. Thank the lord for battery operated mobile swings, they were a life saver – literally.

I had not planned for postnatal depression (although I did have concerns having them so close) and to be so amazingly sleep deprived.

Every day, from the pregnancy to now, I blame myself for every little thing they are sad or frustrated about – constant mum guilt.

When I end up losing my shit, because I can’t listen to one more tantrum about the fact they didn’t want chicken for dinner, they wanted spag bol, and it’s obviously my fault as I left my mind reading skills in a box that day! I end up feeling like the worst mum in the world and apologise for shouting.

I feel guilty if they haven’t eaten healthily for a few days because I can’t find the motivation to cook healthy meals for them to then argue about it. I feel guilty because they sometimes can’t stand up for themselves and I worry it’s my fault because I know I literally smother them with love and do absolutely everything for them.

I feel guilty for them not being as independent as some other children seem. Basically, you name it, I’ve felt terrible for it.

However, what I have started to realise is that I need to give myself more credit and focus on the positives. They are both smart, caring, loving little humans that understand the difference between right and wrong. They believe that being kind to people could make the difference to that person’s day and they are starting to believe in themselves much more since I have started to believe in myself.

I have also realised that I am just the same as everyone else with children, and that its completely normal to feel this way. Although I believe we, (well I know I do) need to move on from the guilt quicker and do not let it bring us down for too long after. We are just human after all.

So, all Mums, Dads and carers out there, please remember to not be so hard on yourselves. When you put all your love and effort into raising your little people they feel it. Throughout the tantrums and stubbornness a beautiful, kind, strong adult will grow and it would have been worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

Now hand me the Gin…………..